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    • PTFE fiber has the advantages of anti microbial, long bending life and almost zero tidal rate, and continues to develop in the field of biomedical materials. PTFE fiber is widely used in steel, cement...

      31 Mar

    • PTFE fiber is widely used in filter materials, aerospace and personal protection, architecture, lubrication field and medical.

      17 Mar

    • PTFE fiber is a synthetic fiber made of PTFE as raw material through spinning or film cutting or fibrillation. PTFE fiber has the characteristics of excellent chemical stability, excellent corrosion r...

      10 Mar

    • The PTFE filter bag is more suitable for the strong corrosion resistance and long service life of the filter material. PTFE filter bag has self lubrication and moisture resistance, can withstand ultra...

      24 Feb

    • The performance and actual effect of PTFE filter bag must be tested. The performance test of PTFE filter bag should be carried out from all aspects, such as appearance and various characteristics.

      23 Feb

    • The industrial filter bag is the top priority in the field of bag dust removal and needs to be replaced regularly. So how to select such industrial filter bag?

      28 Jan

    • Different reason will cause the PTFE different part damage. Check the article to see to find why your PTFE filter bag damage.

      14 Jan

    • The PTFE filter bag shall be soaked with appropriate chemicals to remove the oil and dirt in the gap of the PTFE filter bag and increase the air permeability of the filter bag.

      12 Jan

    • Analysis what cause of PTFE filter bag bonding. The bonding phenomenon of PTFE filter bag mainly refers to that the dust is still adhered to the fiber surface due to the large adhesion of the dust.

      05 Dec

    • If the temperature of the filter material in normal use is lower than that of the flue gas, it may lead to the combustion of the industrial filter bag and cause huge economic losses.

      19 Nov

    • ​PTFE filter bag is made of melt blown fine fiber filter cloth through fine hot melting or turning. In the production process, the PTFE filter bag needs sample treatment to meet the quality requiremen...

      17 Nov

    • If properly kept, the performance of PTFE filter bag will not decrease sharply, but the viscosity will decrease slightly. If the PTFE filter bag turns yellow, it will not affect the use.

      15 Nov

    • PTFE filter bag has very good durability and can adapt to various harsh environments. It is very simple to extend the service life of the filter bag. You only need to operate according to the correspo...

      10 Nov

    • Nomex filter bag is the core component of the dust removal unit. Nomex filter bag has high temperature resistance and long service life. It is the preferred filter material for bag filter in high temp...

      04 Nov

    • The better the quality of PPS, the stronger the heat resistance and corrosion resistance. Of course, as the most important role of PPS filter bag, it has more and higher requirements in its filtration...

      28 Oct

    • Nomex filter bag is an efficient dust removal equipment to remove dust pollutants in waste gas. Among the various types of damage and failure of Nomex filter bag, wear is a common type, which is close...

      26 Aug

    • Air leakage of Nomex filter bag is a common problem. In order to prolong the service life and dust removal efficiency of Nomex filter bags, air leakage must be prevented.

      24 Aug

    • The high dust removal efficiency of the Nomex filter bag is closely related to the dust removal bag. The correct use of a Nomex filter bag can maintain high dust removal efficiency for a long time.

      23 Aug

    • Nomex filter bag has good chemical resistance to acid waste gas and alkaline dust. The Nomex filter bag in the filter bag is a kind of fiber filter material with flame retardancy and stable high tempe...

      17 Aug

    • Introduce advantages of pps filter bag hot melt technology. With the addition of high-temperature resistant PPS filter bag​s into new fields such as power station boilers and waste incineration, the c...

      10 Aug

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