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    • Nomex filter bag is an efficient dust removal equipment to remove dust pollutants in waste gas. Among the various types of damage and failure of Nomex filter bag, wear is a common type, which is close...

      26 Aug

    • Air leakage of Nomex filter bag is a common problem. In order to prolong the service life and dust removal efficiency of Nomex filter bags, air leakage must be prevented.

      24 Aug

    • The high dust removal efficiency of the Nomex filter bag is closely related to the dust removal bag. The correct use of a Nomex filter bag can maintain high dust removal efficiency for a long time.

      23 Aug

    • Nomex filter bag has good chemical resistance to acid waste gas and alkaline dust. The Nomex filter bag in the filter bag is a kind of fiber filter material with flame retardancy and stable high tempe...

      17 Aug

    • Introduce advantages of pps filter bag hot melt technology. With the addition of high-temperature resistant PPS filter bag​s into new fields such as power station boilers and waste incineration, the c...

      10 Aug

    • At present, PTFE fiber has become an important role in the world. The development of the industry has a great impact on the PTFE fiber industry.

      28 Jun

    • The ash cleaning method of PTFE filter bag​ is another important factor in selecting the filter material structure. There are four characteristics of PTFE filter bag.

      09 Jun

    • Introduce factors affecting PTFE filter bag efficiency and measures to improve PTFE filter bag efficiency. The performance of the PTFE filter bag is determined by the filtration wind speed and the fil...

      08 Jun

    • The PPS dust filter bag is the heart of the bag type dust remover during operation. Generally, the cylindrical pulse filter bag is suspended vertically in the dust collector.

      18 May

    • The frequent damage of PTFE filter bag is a headache for dust collector manufacturers. How to prevent this situation? Wayon reminds users of the reasons for the damage of PTFE filter bag when purchasi...

      26 Apr

    • Mixed with the intercepted dust to form a muddy material, which blocks the pores of the PTFE filter bag, reduces the permeability of the PTFE filter bag, and makes it difficult to clean the dust due t...

      15 Apr

    • PTFE yarn is a kind of filter material of filter fabrics. PTFE yarn has high chemical stability and excellent chemical corrosion resistance, such as strong acid resistance The general metal or plastic...

      31 Jan

    • The industrial filter bag is a kind of industrial material. In order to maintain industrial filter bags well, the first thing is not to allow it to be damaged by oxidation.

      21 Jan

    • PTFE yarn has features of high chemical stability, wide range of temperature, and so on. The PTFE yarn is applied in construction corrosion-resistant sealing material, etc. If you need, please contact...

      13 Jan

    • PTFE fiber​ is a kind of synthetic fiber made from polytetrafluoroethylene resin powder through special production process. As PTFE fiber has excellent chemical stability, it is widely used in high te...

      24 Dec

    • With the acceleration of industrialization, Industrial filter bags are used more and more. The use of Industrial filter bags make the industrial work more convenient, and also reduces the environmenta...

      17 Dec

    • PTFE felt​ has excellent chemical and physical properties, which is widely used in power, waste incineration, etc. The advantages of PTFE felt is remarkable dust removal efficiency and environmental.

      24 Nov

    • Introduce the application of ptfe needle felt in bag filter of garbage incineration. PTFE needle felt has obvious advantages as a filter bag.

      28 Oct

    • Introduce the characteristics of PTFE needle felt​. PTFE needle felt can meet the harsh working conditions and has a very long service life, usually more than 4 years.

      22 Oct

    • Introduce what is PTFE needle felt. PTFE needle felt is a kind of filter material which is made of PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene fiber) by three-dimensional needling.

      22 Oct

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