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    Application of PTFE Fiber
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    PTFE fiber has wide fineness distribution range and fiber strength of 1 37cn / dtex, the melting point is about 327 ℃, the limiting oxygen index is 95%, and the friction coefficient is 0 2. The water contact angle of the fiber is about 120 °, which makes it mainly used in the following five aspects.

    Application of PTFE Fiber

    1. Application in filter materials

    The bag filter developed with PTFE staple fiber has excellent temperature resistance, strong acid and alkali resistance and good oxidation resistance. Therefore, it can be used for filtering high temperature and high humidity dust and corrosion-resistant gas; It has good low friction, smooth surface, easy ash removal and low running resistance; It has good flame retardancy, insulation and heat insulation, and long service life. PTFE filament is prepared into PTFE fiber mesh through twisting, warping and weaving. Ion exchange membrane made of composite sulfonic acid resin is an essential key component of chlor alkali engineering. PTFE fiber and microporous membrane also have great potential in water treatment, especially for the treatment of mercerization wastewater and waste leachate in printing and dyeing wastewater.

    2. Application in aerospace and personal protection

    Spacesuits are generally composed of underwear, ventilation layer, thermal insulation layer, air tight limiting layer, water-cooled clothing, thermal insulation clothing and tear proof layer. The limiting layer adopts polyamide fiber, PTFE fiber or aramid fiber. The main material of the tear proof layer is synthetic fiber, such as aramid and PTFE fiber fabric.

    3. Application in architecture

    PTFE woven fabric is used as the base cloth and PTFE film is compounded on the surface to prepare membrane structure building materials. It has the advantages of good light transmittance, reducing the cost of lighting and air conditioning, good aging resistance, low friction coefficient, not easy to accumulate ash on the surface, shortening the construction period of large frame roof by 50%, light weight, shock resistance and non combustion, and large design freedom. Therefore, it can be used as the roof material of outdoor stadium, arena, gymnasium, skating rink, swimming pool, large exhibition, etc.

    4. Application in lubrication field

    The friction coefficient of PTFE fiber is very low. Fabric self-lubricating liner is made by weaving and impregnating in phenolic resin, epoxy resin and other resins. In the process of heavy load wear, PTFE transfer film will be formed between the contact surfaces of the inner and outer rings of the spherical plain bearing, so as to significantly reduce the friction coefficient between the inner and outer rings of the bearing and prolong the service life of the self-lubricating spherical plain bearing. The sliding bearing containing PTFE fiber or fabric has the characteristics of lubrication free, durability and good environmental adaptability. It is widely used in the industrial field of bearing with strong load, maintenance free, small volume and light weight. PTFE fiber bearing is used in food processing machinery, which can ensure food hygiene and eliminate lubricating oil pollution to a great extent.

    5. Application in medical and health

    PTFE yarn is pure inert, non-toxic and has strong biological adaptability. It will not cause rejection of the body and has no physiological side effects on the human body. It can be disinfected by any method and has a multi microporous structure. Therefore, it can be used as artificial blood vessels for soft tissue regeneration and surgical sutures for blood vessels, heart, general surgery and plastic surgery. Its excellent anti microbial, antibacterial, long flexural life and zero moisture regain make people continue to explore the application of fiber in this field. In recent years, PTFE yarn has also been used as scratch resistant material for wear-resistant clothing.

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