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    PTFE Fiber Developing in the Direction of High Technolog
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    PTFE fiber, also known as fluorine fiber, is a synthetic fiber made of PTFE as raw material through spinning or film cutting or fibrillation. PTFE fiber has the characteristics of excellent chemical stability, excellent corrosion resistance, high strength, high elongation, good bending flexibility, low friction coefficient, high and low temperature resistance, good weather resistance and good lubricity. It is one of the most excellent synthetic fibers at this stage. PTFE fiber can be used to manufacture filter bags, filter materials, sealing belts, fillers, membrane reinforcement materials, self-lubricating bearings, protective clothing, artificial blood vessels and other products.

    PTFE Fiber Developing in the Direction of High-technolog

    In the early 1950s, PTFE fiber was developed by DuPont and industrialized production was realized in the middle and late 1950s. China's PTFE fiber industry started late, but developed rapidly. At this stage, it has become an important PTFE fiber supplier in the world.

    In the PTFE fiber industry chain, the upstream is mainly fluorite, chlorine, dichlorodifluoromethane and hydrogen fluoride suppliers, the midstream is PTFE and PTFE fiber manufacturers, and the downstream is mainly electronics, electrical appliances, transportation, construction, industry, medical treatment, aerospace and other fields. PTFE fiber production technology mainly includes emulsion spinning, paste extrusion spinning, membrane crack spinning, melt spinning four kinds, the product type mainly includes four types: monofilament, multifilament, short fiber, membrane cracking fiber and so on.

    PTFE is the raw material for the production of PTFE fiber, and the development of the industry has a great impact on the PTFE fiber industry. China's PTFE industry is developing rapidly and its production capacity is expanding. However, due to the lack of accumulation of technology and experience, the products produced are mainly general-purpose products, and the production capacity of high-end products is weak, resulting in the oversupply of general-purpose products in the market and the import of high-end products. The development of China's PTFE industry is unreasonable, showing a state of structural overcapacity, which has an adverse impact on the high-end development of China's PTFE fiber industry.

    Industry analysts said that PTFE fiber is a high-tech fiber product. After continuous development, the scale of China's PTFE fiber industry continues to expand, the production technology continues to progress, and the downstream application scope continues to expand. However, due to the unreasonable structure of raw material PTFE industry and the lack of productivity of high-end products, the high-end development of PTFE fiber industry is limited. Driven by the continuous improvement of market requirements, the high-end development of China's PTFE fiber industry has become inevitable. Powerful enterprises can develop upstream of the industrial chain, realize the independent supply of high-end raw materials and improve the core competitiveness of enterprises.

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