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    How to Test PTFE Filter Bag is Good or Not
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    The performance and actual effect of PTFE filter bag must be tested. The performance test of PTFE filter bag should be carried out from all aspects, such as appearance and various characteristics. In the whole process of testing, people must carry out according to these levels, otherwise it is easy to select poor goods.

    PTFE Filter Bag Test Method:

    How to Test PTFE Filter Bag is Good or Not

    PTFE filter bag features

    The key to the bag type dust remover is that the bag type dust remover containing fiber is still used in the general bag type dust remover in the cardiovascular industry. Therefore, people must master the performance detection method of dust removal filter bag before they can select a good dust collector bag. For the bag of dust collector, the contents that must be measured, verified and tested are as follows:

    1. Appearance inspection: puncture, defect, macula, wire leakage, disconnection, connector, etc.

    2. Process performance: such as the total area, quality, thickness and strength of dust collector bag, the mechanism of loom, fabric density, volume relative density and porosity of Spunlaced non-woven fabric, etc.

    3. Physical properties: such as the breaking force and tensile strength of the cloth bag of the dust collector, the axial load elongation of the cloth bag, the bursting force of the filter material, etc.

    4. Principle and various characteristics of dust collector: such as friction resistance index, static data, ash removal efficiency, dynamic ash removal efficiency, dynamic friction resistance of filter material, reconstruction friction resistance index and dust separation rate.

    5. Unique functions and various characteristics: such as heat resistance, corrosion resistance, electrostatic induction, hydrophobic solubility, etc.

    Under the general smoke and dust temperature standard, only the cloth bag can withstand the temperature below 150 ℃. In this place, polyester cloth, polypropylene cloth, acrylic fiber, cotton fiber and other synthetic fibers can serve as the foundation. For places with high smoke and dust temperature, heat-resistant filter materials must be selected, such as glass fiber dust collector bag, flumes dust collector bag, metas dust collector bag, PPS dust filter bag, etc.

    Adhesion of smoke and dust on the surface of PTFE filter bag

    If the surface of PTFE filter bag has condensed water, caking, sticking bag and other conditions, it will be related to high and low temperature smoke and dust, ammonia hit and run, etc. after ammonia hit and run, ammonium bisulfate will be produced with sulfur metal oxides in smoke and dust. Ammonium bisulfate is very viscous and is not easy to be eliminated by single pulse gas generator. The actual effect of ash removal is reduced, which is very easy to lead to the expansion of friction resistance. From the adhesion of smoke and dust on the surface of PTFE filter bag, we can judge the operation friction resistance of dust removal equipment, and then have the effect of early warning information for on-the-spot operation

    PTFE filter bag tone

    When the organic chemical properties of PTFE filter bag change, the tone will generally change, especially when the filter material is subjected to air oxidation or at high temperature, the tone will increase, and the more serious the air oxidation is, the higher the temperature is, the heavier the tone is. The tone change can be used as a basis for PTFE filter bags to be subjected to air oxidation or high temperature application.

    PTFE filter bag touch

    When the air oxidation of PTFE filter bag is serious, the material will become brittle except for the darker color. Although both high temperature and air oxidation cause the tone of PTFE filter bag to become darker, the PTFE filter bag after high temperature application is generally hard and can remember the effect of resilience.

    PTFE filter bag damaged

    Sometimes the bag, filter strip and even PTFE will be damaged in the bag. For different damaged parts, the causes of damage are generally different. According to the appearance inspection, the reason for the damage of PTFE filter bag can be judged. The damage in a small total area is generally the damage of mechanical equipment, which is usually related to the flatness of PTFE filter bag and the mutual cooperation between PTFE filter bag and dust collector framework. When large-scale damage or PTFE filter bag can be broken, it is related to serious air oxidation erosion of PTFE filter bag. PTFE filter bag will ignite and adhere to inflammables, which is very easy to burn and damage.

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