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    How to clean the PTFE filter bag?
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    Polytetrafluoroethylene filter bag can be referred to as PTFE filter bag for short. It can withstand acid-base corrosion within all pH values under the continuous operating temperature of 240 ℃ and the instantaneous temperature of 260 ℃. PTFE synthetic fiber filter bag has good self lubrication, no moisture absorption and can withstand ultraviolet radiation. PTFE filter bags can be used for flue gas treatment in coal-fired boilers, waste incineration, carbon black production and other processes. Next, this paper will introduce the cleaning methods and common problems of the filter bag to deepen our understanding of it.

    How to clean the PTFE filter bag?

    How to clean the PTFE filter bag?

    1. High frequency vibration is used to remove all large dust particles entering the filter bag wall, which will not affect the entanglement fastness of fibers, maintain the good performance of PTFE filter bag and easy peeling of dirt.

    2. The filter bag shall be soaked with appropriate chemicals to remove the oil and dirt in the gap of the filter bag and increase the air permeability of the filter bag.

    3. The cloth bag samples are processed and extracted in the chemical experiment, and the oil pollution components of the PTFE filter bag are tested by professional instruments, so as to select appropriate washing raw materials to clean the filter bag without causing any damage to the filter bag.

    4. The detection instrument is used to detect the physical indexes of the cleaned filter bag to ensure that the cleaning quality meets the requirements. The PTFE filter bag after treatment and cleaning in the above process can fully meet the use requirements.

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