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    How to improve the quality of PTFE filter bag?
     Nov 17, 2021|View:561

    PTFE filter bag is made of melt blown fine fiber filter cloth through fine hot melting or turning. In the production process, the PTFE filter bag needs sample treatment to meet the quality requirements, so we are required to be more strict in the production process. What are the treatment methods to improve the quality of PTFE filter bag? Let's have a look!

    How to improve the quality of PTFE filter bag?

    1. Combustion and suppression

    The single and double sides treated by the pressing equipment have the characteristics of ordinary singeing and calendering, which not only improves the ash cleaning performance of PTFE filter bag, but also meets the requirements of fine dust removal.

    2. Anti electricity

    A certain concentration of dust will burn or generate static electricity by friction when encountering sparks. Therefore, anti electric filter bag shall be selected for flammable and explosive dust. Anti electric filter material refers to mixing conductive fibers including binary conductive fiber, graphite wire conductive fiber and stainless steel conductive fiber to make the filter material of the whole PTFE filter bag conductive.

    3. Waterproof and oil proof

    PTFE filter bag is treated with fluorocarbon resin and has oil resistance, water resistance and impregnation, which makes it easier for wet dusty gas, especially hygroscopic and deliquescent dust, to accumulate dust on the surface, so as to avoid and reduce the occurrence of PTFE filter bag paste.

    4. Easy ash removal

    PTFE filter bag has good ventilation and dust removal performance, and can work for a long time under high filtration wind speed.

    The above is the introduction to improving the quality of PTFE filter bags. I hope we can provide you with some help. We will prepare more relevant information in the follow-up. If you don't want to miss it, we suggest collecting our website!

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