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    Characteristics of PTFE filter bag
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    The ash cleaning method of PTFE filter bag is another important factor in selecting the filter material structure. Different bag type dust removers with different cleaning methods should choose different filter materials due to different ash removal capacity and deformation characteristics of PTFE filter bags.

    Characteristics of PTFE filter bag

    1. The bag type dust remover of mechanical vibration is used to clean the dust by using mechanical devices (including manual, electromagnetic vibration and pneumatic) to make the PTFE filter bag vibrate

    Bag type dust collector. The characteristics of this type of dust collector are that the kinetic energy applied to the dust layer is less and more frequently. It is advisable to choose from chemical fiber satin or slant

    The texture fabric, with thickness of 0.3-0.7mm, unit area mass of 300-350g / m, filtration speed of 0.6-1.0m/min; For small units

    It can be increased to 1.0-1.5m/min

    2. The back blowing bag type dust collector in the chamber adopts the structure of the chamber, and the valve is used to switch from room to room to form a bag type dust collector with reverse air flow back blowing, which makes the PTFE filter bag shrink or expand to clean the dust. It has two states and three states, the ash cleaning times are 3-5 times / h, the ash cleaning power is from the self-use pressure of the dust collector body, and the anti blowing power is also provided in the special field; It belongs to the type of low kinetic energy ash removal.

    The PTFE filter bag with back blowing in the chamber has the difference between the internal filter and the outer filter, and there is no difference in the selection of filter material. For large and medium-sized dust collectors, round bags are commonly used, and no dust removal skeleton is available; The ratio of length to diameter of PTFE filter bag is (15-40): 1; The first choice is satin (or twill) woven filter material; In special occasions, thin needle felt filter material reinforced by base cloth can be selected, with thickness of 1.0-1.5mm, unit area mass of 300-400g / m. for small-sized dust remover, flat bag, diamond bag or honeycomb bag shall be equipped with supporting dust removal skeleton, and thin needle felt filter material with good abrasion resistance and good permeability shall be preferred, with unit area quality of 350-400g / m

    3. The bag type dust remover with double functions of vibration and reverse air flow is used for vibration back blowing and bag type dust remover. Vibration makes the dust cake loose, and the reverse air flow makes the dust separate. The two ways cooperate with each other, which improves the ash cleaning effect, especially for fine particle adhesive dust. The filter material selection of such dust remover is basically the same as that of the back blowing type dust collector in the chamber, and the main filter material is satin (or twill) woven filter material.

    4. The back blowing bag type dust remover of nozzle is used as the power of anti blowing ash cleaning by using fan. When the dust collector is filtered, the nozzle is moved

    The PTFE filter bag is sprayed in turn to form a strong reverse flow. The bag type dust remover for PTFE filter bag cleaning is of medium kinetic energy.

    For dust with strong wear, the following 3 points shall be noted when selecting filter material.

    ① The chemical fiber is superior to glass fiber, expanded glass fiber is better than general glass fiber, thin, short and curly fiber is better than coarse

    Long, smooth fibers.

    ② The interlacing between fibers is strengthened by Acupuncture in felt. Satin fabric is the best in fabric, and the cashmere on the surface of fabric is also used

    The measures to improve the wear resistance, but the resistance value of felt, satin fabric and cashmere filter material will be increased.

    ③ For the surface coating and calendering of ordinary filter materials, the wear resistance can also be improved. For glass fiber filter material, silicone oil, graphite

    The treatment of polytetrafluoroethylene resin can improve the wear resistance and folding resistance. But when the coated filter material is used in the condition of strong wear, the film will be worn out too early and the film covering function will be lost.

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