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    The reasons of PTFE filter bag damage
     Apr 26, 2021|View:75

    The frequent damage of PTFE filter bag is a headache for dust collector manufacturers. How to prevent this situation? Wayon reminds users of the reasons for the damage of PTFE filter bag when purchasing.

    The reasons of PTFE filter bag damage

    1. Product quality: bag processing is particularly important. In recent years, some small manufacturers use small sewing machines as processing equipment, and use poor quality thread as raw materials, so the processing level is far behind. As a result, the filter bag will appear thread opening, crack, bottom falling and other phenomena after a short time of use. Although the size of the bag is slightly small, it can also be used, but after absorbing the dust with a large proportion, it can be used, After a period of use, the bag will drop.

    2. Filtering wind speed: the high filtering wind speed of the PTFE filter bag is the main reason for the damage of the PTFE filter bag. In recent years, some units blindly reduce the equipment cost and increase profits. When designing the PTFE filter bag, they increase the filtering wind speed. In a short period of time, the users have no obvious response, but greatly shorten the service life of the PTFE filter bag, On the contrary, it brings a huge economic burden and wastes time.

    3. Use temperature: the key of filter bag is to select the right dust removal bag suitable for the corresponding dust temperature. If the temperature is too high, the selected dust removal bag will exceed the normal use temperature. The service life of the filter bag will be shortened if it is light, and it will be burned in a short time if it is serious. Therefore, when selecting the filter bag, it is necessary to measure and calculate the inlet temperature of the dust collector, and select the corresponding dust removal bag.

    4. Dust medium: the selection of bag cloth of dust collector depends on the nature of the dust, and whether the dust contains acid, alkali or corrosive substances should be considered. According to the nature of the dust, the filter material suitable for it should be selected, so that the filter bag can normally absorb the dust without affecting its service life.

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