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    What Make the PTFE Filter Bag Waterproof and Oil-proof
     Apr 15, 2021|View:70

    When using the bag filter to filter and purify the industrial dust containing waste gas, if the dust containing waste gas contains a lot of moisture or oily liquid substances, it will be adsorbed on the surface of the PTFE filter bag and wet the filter cloth during the filtration process. Mixed with the intercepted dust to form a muddy material, which blocks the pores of the PTFE filter bag, reduces the permeability of the PTFE filter bag, and makes it difficult to clean the dust due to the increase of adhesion. If the exhaust gas also contains corrosive gas, it will react with water vapor to form corrosive solution and corrode the structure of filter material.

    What Make the PTFE Filter Bag Waterproof and Oil-proof

    Water and oil repellency of dust removal PTFE filter bag

    Compared with the ordinary filter bag, the water repellent, oil repellent and dust removal PTFE filter bag produced by wayon has stronger hydrophobicity and smaller critical surface tension of filter cloth, so it is difficult for water or oily dust to adhere to the surface of the PTFE filter bag. The filter material is not easy to block, and the gas flow is relatively increased, which can save energy consumption, reduce maintenance costs, extend the dust cleaning cycle and the service life of the dust removal PTFE filter bag, and reduce the loss caused by changing the bag.

    Wayon's water and oil repellent and dust removal PTFE filter bag is based on the common needle felt, which is made by the post-treatment of water and oil repellent for all kinds of needle felt filter materials. In order to make the common filter material have the characteristics of water and oil repellency, two methods can be selected. One is to prevent the filter material from being soaked by water or oil by coating; The other is to use the working fluid prepared by reactive additives to impregnate the dust removal filter material, so that the working fluid reacts with some groups in the macromolecular structure of the filter material fiber to form macromolecular chains, changing the affinity of the fiber with water and oil.

    The water repellent and oil repellent needle punched felt dust bag produced by Jiangsu wayon Material Co., Ltd. is a kind of post-treatment of dust bag with reactive additives. The specific process of production is: fiber opening, carding, laying net, prefabrication, main thorn, felt, firing, rolling, impregnation, PTFE drying, setting, rolling and rolling. The company can carry out water and oil repellent treatment on polyester, polypropylene, anti-static needle felt, aramid needle felt and other needle felt, so as to meet the waterproof requirements of dust bag under different working conditions and improve the service life and work efficiency of dust bag.

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