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    Can the PTFE Yarn Filter Concentrated Sulfuric Acid?
     Jan 31, 2021|View:199

    PTFE yarn is a kind of filter material of filter fabrics. Concentrated sulfuric acid is a kind of sulfuric acid solution with a mass fraction of more than or equal to 70%, commonly known as bad water. Concentrated sulfuric acid has strong corrosivity: under normal pressure, boiling concentrated sulfuric acid can corrode all metals except iridium and ruthenium (even including gold and platinum), and the number of metal elements that can corrode is even more than aqua regia.

    So, in the face of such a corrosive solution, in order to extract impurities in sulfuric acid solution, what material can be used? Obviously, the general metal or plastic material can not be used, because it is easy to be corroded, so PTFE yarn is a good material. 

    Can the PTFE Yarn Filter Concentrated Sulfuric Acid?

    Here, I would like to introduce the performance of PTFE yarn: 

    1. Strength (high strength weight ratio) 

    2. Chemical inertness 

    3. Biological adaptability 

    4. High thermal resistance 

    5. High chemical impedance in harsh environment 

    6. Low flammability 

    7. Low friction coefficient 

    8. Low dielectric constant 

    9. Low water absorption 

    10. Good weathering property

    PTFE yarn has high chemical stability and excellent chemical corrosion resistance, such as strong acid resistance, strong alkali resistance, strong oxidant resistance, outstanding heat resistance, cold resistance, and friction resistance, long-term service temperature range of - 200 - + 250 ℃, excellent electrical insulation, and is not affected by temperature and frequency. In addition, it has the characteristics of non-adhesion, non-water absorption, and non-combustion.

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