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    How to Maintain Industrial Filter Bags
     Jan 21, 2021|View:194

    The industrial filter bags are a kind of industrial material. In order to maintain such a product well, the first thing is not to allow it to be damaged by oxidation. When it is used, it is necessary to add the flow rate. It is useful to select a filter bag with a small diameter to reduce the volume and air volume. In the process of operation, the staff can effectively select the online ash cleaning method to avoid its damage. When using it, it is necessary to increase the diversion flow, so online ash cleaning is often necessary.

    How to Maintain Industrial Filter Bags

    In addition to these methods, we can also control the use of filter bags at the right temperature. Industrial filter bag in the process of using, its temperature is the primary condition of oxidation reaction, in use should let the inlet temperature of the dust collector as low as possible, in the use of high-temperature maintenance measures, this can play a great effect on it, but its temperature should not be too low, should be higher than the dew point temperature. When the filter bag is used, it can be useful to add its drainage capacity and the compressed air demand of the whole product. Select the filter bag with a small diameter. In this way, it can be useful to add the specific surface area of the filter bag. In the same case, if the volume is reduced, the compressed air demand will be reduced, and the drainage capacity should be increased.

    Industrial filter bag are now widely used, products in the laboratory, hospital, and campus and other occasions can see filter bags, these filter bags can also be used in air conditioning, as long as there is air conditioning in the local, filter bags can play its effect.

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