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    Usage of Industrial Filter Bags
     Dec 17, 2020|View:651

    With the acceleration of industrialization, Industrial filter bags are used more and more. The use of PTFE filter bag makes the industrial work more convenient, and also reduces the environmental pollution. 100% PTFE filter bag can reduce the environmental pollution in the industrial production process to a greater extent.  

    Industrial filter bags

    Usage of Industrial filter bags:

    1. During the process of dust removal by the dust collector, the thickness of the initial cake layer of the dust removal filter bag is very unstable, and the dust removal filter bag is easily damaged. In this way, the operating pressure difference will fluctuate greatly, and the dust will easily be embedded into the inside of the filter bag, resulting in the increase of the dust emission.  

    2. If the pressure difference of the filter bag can not drop for a long time, it will cause the failure of the filter bag. And the film on the surface of the filter bag acts as a continuous and stable initial dust layer. With this film, it won't be destroyed. In this way, the dust is difficult to pass through the filter cloth, so it is embedded in the filter bag for stable operation.  

    3. Through the gap between the fibers of the dust removal filter bag, the dust can be easily embedded into the inside of the filter bag. Ordinary filter bags are usually used for deep filtration, while membrane covered filter media are used for surface filtration.  

    4. The precoating ash of bag filter needs fuel oil when the unit is started up and stable combustion under low load. In order to avoid the blockage caused by oil fume sticking to the bag, powder spraying precoating measures should be adopted before the bag filter is put into operation. The measures include ash storage tank, bin top dust collector, feeder, ash suction fan, etc.

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