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    Application of PTFE Needle Felt
     Oct 28, 2020|View:687

    With the development of China's social economy and the improvement of people's living standards, the construction of urbanization is speeding up, and the urban solid waste is also increasing. How to deal with garbage pollution has become an urgent and serious problem in China.

    As the main technology widely used in our country, garbage incineration has been developed rapidly in recent years because of its advantages of high heat recovery, large reduction, and harmless. Therefore, the application of bag filter technology and high-temperature filter material, especially PTFE needle felt, which are developed simultaneously with it, are gradually paid attention to.

    PTFE needle felt

    Application of PTFE needle felt in bag filter of garbage incineration:

    Due to the unique advantages of PTFE filter material, its application in the environmental protection industry is more and more. PTFE filter bag is widely used in foreign waste incinerators, power plant coal-fired boiler, and industrial pit furnace dust removal. Due to the high content of acid gas, high content of water vapor, high temperature of flue gas, and high concentration of particulate matter in the flue gas of waste incinerator, PTFE needle felt has obvious advantages as a filter bag.

    Comparison of PTFE needle felt and other filter media:

    However, these filter bags are not suitable for the long service life of 10 years due to the high temperature and long service life of the existing filter bags.

    Our company has formed the industrial production of pure PTFE filter material. The base cloth is woven with long polytetrafluoroethylene fiber, and the short polytetrafluoroethylene fiber is applied on the surface of the base cloth to make needle felt. The composition of PTFE needle felt is 100% polytetrafluoroethylene, the gram weight is 800g / m2, the temperature resistance is 260 ℃, the longitudinal breaking strength is 600N / 5cm, the weft breaking strength is 600N / 5cm, and the filtering effect is 99.9%. PTFE film can also be coated on the surface of the PTFE needle felt as required.

    Compared with PPS and P84, PTFE has the same strength index, but its temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, and hydrolysis resistance are better than PPS and glass fiber, and its long-term filtration effect is better than PPS, P84, and glass fiber. From the economic point of view, the current price of pure PTFE filter material is more than 3 times higher than PPS and higher than glass fiber.

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