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    What is PTFE needle felt
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    What is PTFE needle felt

    PTFE needle felt is a kind of filter material which is made of PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene fiber) by three-dimensional needling. PTFE fiber is a macromolecular linear structure, so it has strong temperature resistance, wear resistance, corrosion resistance and chemical stability. It is widely used in steel, electric power, garbage incineration and other harsh flue gas filtering environment.


    Importance of PTFE needle felt

    The dust removal filter bag is the heart of the bag filter in the process of operation. Generally, the cylindrical pulse filter bag is suspended vertically. In 1653 dust collector, the dust containing gas enters the dust collector through the air inlet, and passes through the guide plate of the ash hopper, so that part of the large particle dust in the gas is separated by the inertial force and directly falls into the ash hopper, and the dust containing gas enters the filter bag filtering area of the box, which is extremely large Most of the dust is trapped on the outer surface of the filter bag, and the clean gas enters the inside of the filter bag through the filter material. The purified gas enters the upper box through the filter bag mouth, and then is discharged through the air outlet. The cage inside the filter bag is used to support the filter bag and prevent the filter bag from collapsing. At the same time, it helps to remove and redistribute the dust cake.

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