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    Congratulations to Wayon new material weaving workshop for winning the title of "pioneer worker" in Changzhou!
     Dec 16, 2019|View:1387

    twenty-eight forenoon, April, Changzhou municipal party committee and government in Changzhou administrative center Longcheng hall held the city's "May 1 international labor day" celebration。

    May Day


    Changzhou Wayon weaving workshop team by the city federation of trade unions as Changzhou "pioneer workers" title



    Rigorous work style, cast the weaving workshop excellent results, workshop staff closely around the company's work objectives, in product output, product quality, raw material consumption, site management, strict requirements, division of labor cooperation, comprehensive, excellent to complete or over fulfilled the company issued the various production tasks, strictly control the quality of products to ensure customer requirements, market share continues to improve, won the trust of customers and praise!Meanwhile,under the continuous practice and exploration of the weaving workshop staff, the product yield keeps breaking through and improving, which lays a solid foundation for the improvement of economic benefits of the enterprise; Continuous efforts in technical innovation, the use of industry advanced technology, technology, so that the weaving level of the workshop to maintain in the advanced ranks.

    Strengthening team building is also one of the magic weapons to form combat effectiveness, internal staff unity and cooperation, help each other learn from each other, and improve together! Good team spirit also made the weaving workshop won the "excellent team" award for two consecutive years!


    The honor of "worker pioneer" is highly recognized and fully affirmed to our company and production work, all staff will be based on their own, guard against arrogance and impetuousness, carry forward the results, make persistent efforts, with a stronger sense of responsibility, higher work enthusiasm, to create better results!

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