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    Changzhou Wayon PTFE series of products raw materials ------ PTFE
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    Changzhou Wayon new material technology co., ltd. is an environment-friendly enterprise engaged in new materials. Since its establishment in 2014, Wayon has been producing and processing filament fiber, staple fiber and other main products with PTFE as the raw material.PTFE filaments are produced by a series of production processes, starting with the production of PTFE filaments, PTFE staple fibers, and later, the woven substrate made of filaments.The PTFE filter bag has been widely used in urban waste incineration, chemical dust removal and other fields.


    PTFE filter bag widely used, not only lies in changzhou Wayon exquisite production technology, unique bag structure, PTFE raw material is also a very important part of the fine nature.PTFE property: 1. Temperature resistance: it can be used in 200~260℃  for a long time, and it still stays soft at -100 ℃.2, acid and alkali resistance: strong acid and alkali resistance, that is, in the condition of strong acid does not affect the filtration function.3, good physical properties: smooth surface, almost no water absorption, water vapor transmission is also low.4, non-adhesive: resin, paint and almost all adhesive materials can be simply removed, the service life can be as long as 2-3 years.5. Non-toxic and harmless: the non-toxic and harmless nature of the raw materials ensures that the filter bag products will not have negative effects of environmental pollution.


    PTFE fiber in waste incineration has more prominent characteristics and other high performance filter fiber characteristics. Wayon 100%PTFE filter bag has been successfully used in domestic waste incineration flue gas purification.The white fiber used in the filter bag, the long fiber used in the base cloth, the sewing thread used in the sewing and the micropore film used in the sewing are all 100%PTFE products produced by our factory. The quality of the filter bag has always been in the forefront of the industry.

    Changzhou Wayon, as a high-tech enterprise of new materials, has always been wit

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