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    PPS Filter Bag

    PPS filter bag features:
    1. Working temperature 170 ℃, short-time working temperature 232 ℃, melting point 285 ℃, oxygen index 34 - 35.
    2. It is applicable when the oxygen content is 15% or less.
    3. Sulfur containing oxides in fuel or flue gas are now fibers with strong acid-base corrosion resistance and chemical resistance.
    4. Where the flue contains moisture.
    5. Under the industrial and mining conditions of 190 ℃ - 232 ℃, PPS filter bag has excellent performance record when the air cloth ratio is up to 5:1 for on-line ash cleaning and 6:1 for off-line ash cleaning. PPS fiber has the int...

    The dust removal filter bag is the heart of the operation of the bag filter. Usually, the cylindrical pulse filter bag is vertically suspended in the dust collector. The dusty gas enters the dust collector from the air inlet and passes through the deflector of the ash hopper, so that part of the large particle dust in the gas is separated under the action of inertial force and directly falls into the ash hopper, and the dusty gas enters the filter bag filtration area of the box, Most of the dust is trapped on the outer surface of the filter bag, and the clean gas enters the inside of the filter bag through the filter material. The purified gas enters the upper box through the filter bag mouth, and then is discharged from the air outlet. The cage inside the filter bag is used to support the filter bag, prevent the collapse of the filter bag, and help to remove and redistribute the dust cake.

    PPS filter bags

    The application of PPS filter bag in coal-fired boiler of thermal power plant with the improvement of national dust emission index, the advantages of bag dust removal such as strong adaptability, high dust removal efficiency and reliable operation gradually appear. PPS filter bag is one of the main dust collection cloth bags that can effectively control dust pollution. It has high dust removal efficiency. The dust concentration of flue gas filtered by PPS needle punched felt bag on coal-fired boiler of thermal power plant is generally lower than 50mg / m3, and it can effectively remove fine dust in flue gas.

    The flue gas dust removal of coal-fired power plants mostly uses electrostatic precipitator technology. However, affected by many factors, the application of bag filter in coal-fired power plants has been gradually promoted. The application of electrostatic bag composite filter in power plants is widely promoted because it overcomes the weaknesses of electrostatic precipitator and bag filter. Due to the complex composition of flue gas in coal-fired power plant, the requirements of high temperature resistance, moisture resistance, acid and alkali resistance and wear resistance are put forward for the dust removal filter bag. In the application of electrostatic bag filter and bag filter, the service life of filter bag is a concern of users.

    PPS filter bag factory

    PPS filter bag production line

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